CUSTOM FRAMING

      All custom framing, whether it is Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc., is not cheap. Nobody is giving away custom framing. I've had too many customers come in for an estimate and tell me that even when the big outfits advertise half price frames, my prices are no higher and often less. Custom framing is not cheap. I encourage you to comparison shop; it doesn't cost a thing to get a framing estimate.

     I've been framing for 40 years. I see my number one job as not just listening, but hearing what the customer wants.  If it's appropriate, I will suggest you go to Hobby Lobby or Target or some place similar, and buy a ready-made frame. Ready-mades are always cheaper, and if it's a size that will fit, they can often save 50% over custom framing.  But, I'll put my prices for custom framing against anyone.

     What you get from Uncommon is the same guy who sells you, is the one who does it. I don't pass it off to a high school kid who's been framing 3 weeks. I have struggled over the years trying to hire framing help. What I've learned is. . . . framing isn't rocket science but it is complicated and takes a perfectionist personality to understand. It takes a year for any new framer to learn all the ways he (or she) can ruin a piece a customer has left for framing. I'd rather do less work and know it's done right (by me), than have 2 extra framers doing god-only-knows what. If I had wanted a frame factory I'd have gone that direction, but what I like is a personal relationship with the customer.

     If you have 500 pieces you need for a motel, go somewhere else. If you want a personal relationship with a guy who's learned from and made every dumb mistake possible over 40 years, and knows how to select the right combination for your picture, document, or serious piece of artwork just right, come to Uncommon.  Click here to see a movie on framing.


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